IMG_5340If you have a story to tell and need help shaping it, Jen’s coaching gives you key discovery questions to clarify your ideas. Her journalism background gives her a curiosity to help you uncover the dimensions of your story.

Popular writing projects:

  • A dynamic bio that develops your branding and career trajectory instead of summarizing your past resume
  • Ghostwriting for memoir, business, or legal articles
  • Articles or essays for marketing or community outreach
  • Strategic planning or business planning

If you need some research to support your writing, Jen has years of experience as a researcher supporting computer programmers and social scientists. She is a translator who reaches different audiences and a strategist for marketing and business development.

Whether it is technical writing, a short policy memo, a community outreach article, or a screenplay, Jen is experienced in a variety of styles. Links to a few select publications are found on her Linkedin page. Please request a writing sample for the industry or style that you’re interested in.