If you’re looking for team-building activities, Jen has experience as a diversity facilitator in university and conference settings, and would love to teach your group improv exercises. People bond through comedic mistakes in fun improv exercises and the shared experience of learning something new! Jen thinks improv is yoga for the brain – to stretch and strengthen your brainwaves in ways that surprise you – with lots of laughter.

As a stand-up comedian, she has observational humor on topics from the politics of dog-owners to being a transplant in Los Angeles. She has plenty to say about the weirdness of internet dating. And, she’s got the backstory on some of the Disney princesses, including a musical parody of Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World.” She can tailor her set based on the audience (from tamer PG material to more adult humor Rated-R), and can be booked for corporate events to art events.