IMG_5335Commission a custom song for the person you want to flatter or roast!

This is a great gift for a wedding, birthday, spouse, or someone special in your life.

You’re the Top” (Cole Porter) is a classic “laundry list” song that lends itself to some fun lyrics that will make the subject of your admiration (or humor) feel special.

“My Favorite Things” (Rodgers and Hammerstein) is another fun song to customize for a celebration. Sung by various artists like Kelly Clarkson to Mary J. Blidge and the original Julie Andrews, this is a crowd-pleaser. Here’s a sample of a custom song, re-written from “My Favorite Things,” a little humor from a dog’s perspective.

If you have a favorite song you would like to customize, please suggest it and we can see if we can customize it to meet your goals!

Jen is a collaborative and imaginative songwriter. If you need voice coaching to sing it, she has years of experience as a music teacher to help you, or if you want her to sing it as a virtual singing telegram, she can also record your customized song.


Custom song

10-15 minute phone interview, typewritten lyrics delivered to you via USPS priority mail or digital photo.


Performance of your custom song

Jen will perform your custom song and send you a link to the audiofile.


Voice coaching

Voice coaching to help you sing your custom song. $80/hour via Skype or FaceTime.


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Photo credits: Music book (Photo by Valentino Funghi on Unsplash), Singer (Photo by Dominik Kempf on Unsplash)