Commission a custom love poem to celebrate someone or something you love!

A perfect present for:typewriter.jpeg

  • anniversaries
  • birthdays
  • weddings
  • remembering your beloved pets
  • housewarming or baby shower gift
  • thank you gift to a friend or client
  • celebrating your hobby or yourself
  • new goals or life transitions

Sample poems:

One Custom Poem

A custom poem will include a 5-10 minute phone interview and a typewritten poem sent via USPS priority mail or a digital photo.


2 Custom Poems (10% discount)

2 Custom Poems (can be gifted to different recipients). Each custom poem will include a 5-10 minute phone interview and a typewritten poem sent via USPS priority mail or a digital photo.


Additional audio recording

An audio recording of your custom poem to be emailed to you and/or your recipient.


Gift Package: Poem + Art

Poem + Art (ready-made gift) ~Poem: 5-10 phone interview, first draft/optional rewrite, and final typewritten poem. ~Artwork: you can send in a digital file that will be printed to accompany the poem, OR I will suggest 3 options for you to choose the artwork to be printed. ~Poem + Art will be both mounted and framed in a 11×14 Black Frame. Free pick-up/drop off within 2-3 miles of West Hollywood. Additional charge to be billed for shipping in United States. Please allow for 7-10 business days for packaging and handling.



“I’m so excited to frame my poem in a big frame so that everyone can be intrigued to come up close to read it. I want people to see it in the entryway of the new home my partner and I will be buying. It describes us perfectly and that way our visitors will know who we are.”  -Shirley

“This is great! This is going in my bundle of anniversary gifts for my husband.” -Ed

“My cat who passed away, who was so special to me… this poem captures how I want to remember him.” -Gwendolyn

“This is a great gift for my friends who are welcoming their baby girl.” -Rose

More about Jen’s poetry

Jen is a multi-disciplinary storyteller, writer, and performer in Los Angeles Area. You can read more of her writing on Medium.com. She recently performed at Akbar with a Poetry+Storytelling event/podcast Queer Slam. A colleague described her poetry performance at this event as “a high-wire act.”

Jen is also part of a team of typewriter poets that do pop-up events around the Los Angeles area and is the Associate Director of PridePoets. If you have an event that would like to have 2 or more poets provide a “pop-up” event, Jen can coordinate the team of PridePoets to show up with our typewriters and give your event guests a unique custom poem as their party souvenir!

You can see some of her artistic endeavors and adventures with her dog on Instagram @jen.and.potato

To contact her, please email JenCVoice at gmail dot com

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Photo credits: Hand with heart (Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash) , Heart lights (Photo by Rachel Walker on Unsplash), Window frame with mountain (Photo by R Mo on Unsplash)


  • Poems are delivered within 7 business days after the phone interview.
  • If you need creative ideas on how to frame or matte or present your poem for your occasion, we can discuss and give you a few options at no charge. If you would like to customize the gift package for different frames and matting, other options can be estimated and handled for a surcharge.