Commission a custom love poem to celebrate someone or something you love!

A perfect present for:typewriter.jpeg

  • anniversaries
  • birthdays
  • weddings
  • remembering your beloved pets
  • housewarming or baby shower gift
  • thank you gift to a friend or client
  • celebrating your hobby or yourself
  • new goals or life transitions

Sample poems:

One Custom Poem

A custom poem will include a 5-10 minute phone interview and a typewritten poem sent via USPS priority mail or a digital photo.


2 Custom Poems (10% discount)

2 Custom Poems (can be gifted to different recipients). Each custom poem will include a 5-10 minute phone interview and a typewritten poem sent via USPS priority mail or a digital photo.


Additional audio recording

An audio recording of your custom poem to be emailed to you and/or your recipient.


Gift Package: Poem + Art

Poem + Art (ready-made gift) ~Poem: 5-10 phone interview, first draft/optional rewrite, and final typewritten poem. ~Artwork: you can send in a digital file that will be printed to accompany the poem, OR I will suggest 3 options for you to choose the artwork to be printed. ~Poem + Art will be both mounted and framed in a 11×14 Black Frame. Free pick-up/drop off within 2-3 miles of West Hollywood. Additional charge to be billed for shipping in United States. Please allow for 7-10 business days for packaging and handling.



“I’m so excited to frame my poem in a big frame so that everyone can be intrigued to come up close to read it. I want people to see it in the entryway of the new home my partner and I will be buying. It describes us perfectly and that way our visitors will know who we are.”  -Shirley

“This is great! This is going in my bundle of anniversary gifts for my husband.” -Ed

“My cat who passed away, who was so special to me… this poem captures how I want to remember him.” -Gwendolyn

“This is a great gift for my friends who are welcoming their baby girl.” -Rose

More about Jen’s poetry

Jen is a multi-disciplinary storyteller, writer, and performer in Los Angeles Area. You can read more of her writing on Medium.com.  Jen has been a frequent visitor of the open mic event at  Queer Slam when it was live at Akbar and when it has been a virtual community space.  A colleague described her poetry performance at this event as “a high-wire act.”

Most recently, Jen went to a beach party without her typewriter and wrote poems on the spot with pen and paper for new friends who wanted to express their personal journey with their creativity. With or without her 1950’s Olympia typewriter, Jen is an agile improvisor who can write a poem on the spot for any occasion.  Jen is part of a team of typewriter poets that do pop-up events around the Los Angeles area as part of PridePoets. If you have an event that would like to have 2 or more poets provide a “pop-up” event, Jen can coordinate the team of PridePoets to show up with our typewriters and give your event guests a unique custom poem as their party souvenir!

You can see some of her artistic endeavors and adventures with her dog on Instagram @jen.and.potato

To contact her, please email JenCVoice at gmail dot com

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Photo credits: Hand with heart (Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash) , Heart lights (Photo by Rachel Walker on Unsplash), Window frame with mountain (Photo by R Mo on Unsplash)


  • Poems are delivered within 7 business days after the phone interview.
  • If you need creative ideas on how to frame or matte or present your poem for your occasion, we can discuss and give you a few options at no charge. If you would like to customize the gift package for different frames and matting, other options can be estimated and handled for a surcharge.