Marketing yourself or figuring your next steps in your career can be challenging. It is important to get an outside perspective by a coach who has a wide experience and help you shine at your best.

Strategy + Marketing

Let’s take the overwhelm out of making choices in a world of too much to do. Jen has a owl’s perspective to see the whole picture and help you prioritize and make an actionable strategic plan.

Public Speaking + Performance

Let’s convert the nervousness into excitement so people can hear your message. Small things can improve your set up, your posture, and your perspective! Register for a livestream breath workshop or get a recording to improve speaking, singing, and performance.

Ghostwriting + Editing

You have the beginnings of a book, or maybe you just need the finishing touch. Jen has years of journalism and research skills to support you in creating the book that was meant to be. She has worked with projects that include a children’s chapter book, business book, spiritual self-help, and screenplays . 


Brand with Purpose

A book for young entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and ambitious dreamers, Brand With Purpose is filled with tools and expert advice on growing your career and business, with enlightening case studies and inspirational wisdom from successful entrepreneurs and trailblazers. Published November 2021.

Learn more about Brand with Purpose.

UN Committee Meeting

Janet Maker is the author of The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer. She needed help optimizing her presentation and video conference settings to give her best performance at a UN committee meeting.

Learn more about Janet Maker and her book.


“I’ve experienced many coaches before — acting, on-camera, commercial, volleyball, speech — but Jen is unlike any other coach. Jen is an expert at many things, but perhaps the quality I appreciate most about her is her innate ability to establish a genuine connection with her clients. She cares deeply about your success.  About 95% of my auditions have been self-tapes since COVID emerged. Jen massively upgraded my lighting and at-home self-tape game by 200%.”

Carin Chea

“Jen’s expertise helped me reshape my bio and think outside the box for solutions towards being a professional artist.”

Crystal Joy

“I was very nervous about handling the technology at the same time as presenting my material with smiles and eye contact.  It was a lot.  Jen helped me with the technology and the material, as well as with my presentation skills. Rehearsing with her feedback gave my confidence a boost, and my presentation went much better, thanks to Jen.”

Janet Maker, PhD

“Jen helped bring out my ideas and stories to shape my book. She not only helped me realize a dream, but she also helped me discover gifts and strengths that I didn’t know were possible.”

Ivan Estrada
Author, Entrepreneur

Let’s clarify your vision and
build your future.